मत्स्य – Mátsya

When the world was flooded, Vishnu took his first avatar, that of the fish to save the existence from doom.  The Mátsya, at home even in a flood, swam all life forms, knowledge & scriptures to safety in a boat that was tied to it’s head. In time the flood subsided and a new civilisation was born. The Mátsya collection celebrates this relationship of fish and water. Mátsya & Aab. Existing in Tandem, revitalising the cycle of being. Mátsya is a collection of marine life motifs on contemporary silhouettes infused with the defining bright colours and geometric designs of Phulkari.

Matsya Crop Top MRP 4290 (inc. of taxes)
Seaweed Collar Top MRP 4550 (inc. of taxes)
Seaweed Long Dress MRP 4990 (inc. of taxes)
Kurma Co-ord Set MRP 7590 (inc. of taxes)
Seaweed Long Kurta MRP 5550 (inc. of taxes)
Starfish Dress MRP 6190 (inc. of taxes)
Kurma Crop Top MRP 3550 (inc. of taxes)
Yellow Bird Dress MRP 4990 (inc. of taxes)
Blue Bird Dress MRP 5120 (inc. of taxes)
Kurma Pants MRP 4250 (inc. of taxes)
Twin Fish Dress MRP 4890 (inc. of taxes)
Fish Tail Skirt MRP 3790 (inc. of taxes)
Seashell Coat MRP 4890 (inc. of taxes)
Twin fish Top MRP 4450 (inc. of taxes)
Matsya Long Kurta MRP 5150 (inc. of taxes)
Matsya Check Dress MRP 5950 (inc. of taxes)
Matsya Peplum Top MRP 6300 (inc. of taxes)
Jaal Shift Dress MRP 7150 (inc. of taxes)
Kurma Collar Top MRP 3650 (inc. of taxes)
Matsya Jacket MRP 6590 (inc. of taxes)
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