Trikona | त्रिकोण

Creation, Preservation, Destruction. Mind, Body, and Soul.

The geometry of the triangle, or Trikon/त्रिकोण represents a whole. A balance achieved through the linkage of forces. It symbolizes creative output. A harmony of Energies coming together to evolve into something more meaningful.

From antique phulkari to Mughal Architecture and the great pyramids, this essence of geometry has inspired art across cultures. And continues to do so. Merging that with the values of Aab, brings you the Trikon collection, a balance of cultural legacies and modern aesthetics. Trikon represents the state of flowing water. Shaping itself to its world, evolving and ever changing in a way, and yet the same at its core.

The collection particularly takes inspiration from the fine detailing and intricate patterns of jaali work seen in Mughal architecture. Often the light that falls through these jaalis creates patterns that induce awe – balancing the light and the dark; the brightness and the shadow, creating a harmony & rhythm in the lived experience.

Explore the Trikon, a collection of geometrical motifs and anti-fit styles.

White Jaal Kurta MRP 5445 (inc. of taxes)
Green Flared Top MRP 4035 (inc. of taxes)
Indigo Flared Top MRP 4035 (inc. of taxes)
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