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Inspired by the graceful Phulkari, Aab is a reinterpretation of heritage hand – embroideries. Aab is recreating the Phulkari embroidery in contemporary styles while adhering to the traditional processes of the art. Just like the antique Phulkari done on Khaddar, each Aab garment is tenderly crafted with handwoven fabrics & always hand-embroidered with patt silk thread.

In Persian & Punjabi, ‘Aab’ is water. And for us,Aab |आब| ਆਬ  is a curation of culture; a celebration of craftsmanship. By engaging the essence of heirloom crafts, we are rekindling the relationship between people and their cultural legacies.

Traditional Technique of Phulkari
Hand-Embroidered by Artisans
100% Handwoven Fabrics